Carol Phelps with the children

Autumn Term Newsletter

Welcome back

We would like to welcome all our new families to Ivytree. We hope you are all beginning to feel part of our special community.  

Now that the weather may start to turn cold and wet you may like to leave a spare pair of named welly boots at Ivytree, you can leave the wellies at the bottom of the coat rack in the Foyer.  

At the start of this term we will be focusing on settling in the new and the returning children back into the Ivytree routine. It’s very important the children feel happy and safe and we help them to understand that the Ivytree ladies are here for them all. Unless children feel safe and happy they cannot learn, however wonderful the environment is. Gaining independence and good social skills are the first steps to learning. Attending a nursery will help children to develop these attributes. We know some children starting this term will need support to say goodbye without tears. Parents are welcome to stay with us until they feel their child is happy for them to leave. Some children settle very quickly, others may need a little extra support. We are here to help all our children and families.

Activities this term

At Ivytree we want children to develop into enthusiastic learners who love coming to nursery.  We know that when children are emotionally secure they will absorb all the information around them. They will question what they see, want to experiment… and they can’t wait to ‘have a go’!

All the children will be learning ‘The Rainbow Rules’ which are:

We listen to one another.

We share and take turns.

We are kind to each other.

We do not run in the nursery.

We take care of the nursery equipment.

Please also encourage your child to learn these at home.

During this term we will be discussing the change of seasons and reading autumn books together. We would welcome any natural materials you find on your trips, such as leaves and pine cones, to add to our creative sticky table downstairs.

Activities will include looking at a large variety of vegetables. Exploring their texture, size, weight, colour and smell. The children will then carry out ‘role-play’ shopping activities with the vegetables. Cutting open a pumpkin and looking at the flesh and seeds, vegetable printing, marble painting with conkers, and looking at fallen leaves using the light box.  The children will be learning to use tools such as scissors safely. We will be chopping and snipping through lots of different vegetables to make a delicious vegetable soup.

We will be planting bulbs for Christmas, watching the bulbs grow, looking at the roots through the glass containers.

We will also be celebrating Diwali. There will be food to taste and we will be making pottery Diva’s 

Learning Independence

Please remember together we are trying to encourage the children to be totally independent, especialy important for those children starting school this September. Getting dressed by themselves; to put on their own coat, socks and shoes; to use and flush the toilet, then wash their hands, all on their own.  This is hard but it helps if clothes aren’t too tight and shoes are child friendly. 

Other information:

Children will need a named water bottle they can access throughout the session and in the garden too.

No nuts please in nursery this is very important as we have children with nut allergies.

Children’s Bring and share board: it would be lovely to have some new photos for our ‘bring and share’ board and we can talk through the photos as a group to encourage the children to reflect upon their Summer break.

After school extended hours. Ivytree nursery offer after school extended hours for children who attend Ivytree and for children from reception class to year two at Carlisle Infant school until 6pm.

Please note if your child has been sick or has had diarrhea the incubation period is 48 hours from the last episode. We have a couple of parents who are very vulnerable to infection so please can you inform us of any illness, many thanks for your support with this.

Parent Workshop

We are holding a Parent Workshop at Ivytree Nursery.  Friday 21st September from 1pm. The workshop theme will be around 'Supporting young children's behaviour'.

This workshop is free to all Ivytree parents and carers.
This is a practical workshop aimed at all parents and carers that would like to find out how they can support their child's behaviour. A number of topics will be covered during the evening such as challenging behaviour, understanding right from wrong, the importance of attendance at nursery, solutions and strategies to help with a positive approach to behaviour. 

Thank you for reading the Ivytree team


News & Events

Spear homeless Charity

We shall be learning about children and adults less fortunate than ourselves and collecting donations for the Spear Homeless Charity.

Half term Thursday 24th May-4th June

7th May Bank holiday




Published by Liane James, Manager